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Sometimes it is a Soldier's Duty to Tell the Truth ― イラク占領から一時帰国中のアメリカ軍将校へのインタビュー。匿名を保証された上で、不十分な装備で長期の占領滞在を余儀なくされている兵士たちの不満が語られている。ブッシュ政権への批判もとても厳しい。

I don't see Iraq liberated and there are not any WMDs. I was there on some of the searches and I can tell you that we did not actually expect to find anything. Our leaders were telling us we would find them, but most of the officers knew that was bull sh.t.

It has nothing to do with liberation or ensuring a free election in Iraq. No way that will ever really happen. If you could see how they are parceling out the Iraq resources to the contractors there right now, you would understand what I mean. I have seen the profiteering on a first hand basis. I have never seen that level of outright greed even around the Pentagon at budget time.

インタビューアーのJay Shaftさんは、この記事のほかにも精力的に一時帰還兵たちへのインタビューを行なっている。Two US Soldiers Ask: "When will we stop dying so senselessly?" では、インタビューに応えた兵士が、占領軍に対するイラクの人たちの感情を以下のように描写している。
You know, right after the invasion, the average Iraqi was happy to see us get rid of the Saddam regime. You ask the same Iraqi how they feel about us now, and they will openly admit that they hate us as bad as Saddam, or even worse than Saddam.



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